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Lemon Game

Founded in August 2012 and created by a number of elites in this industry, Lemon Game is a game publishing company targeting to the overseas market. The company has set up branch offices in Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan and the US. Lemon Game aims to become one of the most powerful game publishers in small language market as well as an excellent connection between game development companies and regional minority languages ​​markets. With profound researches and understanding on Internet market of the regional minority languages, Lemon Game helps self-developed games go abroad, and finally achieve the goal of a truly global publication. By means of providing excellent game products to regional market, Lemon Game also enriches the cultural life of the locals. Getting to know more and more about local Internet users by game publication business, Lemon Game will finally accumulate users and achieve the value of being platform.


Product operational advantages

• With the industrial resources and experience that are accumulated over the years by the team, Lemon Game has had the ability of exposing to products extensively and valuing products in the research and development market;

• We can understand the requires of developers and the game operational procedures more deeply than foreign companies.


Business advantages

• The most efficient localization: publish the products with the fastest speed;

• The most efficient platform access: the experienced technical operation and maintenance team, provides a stable, efficient, high-quality operational support and coordination to each product;

• Rich marketing experience: with the help of overseas local team, Lemon Game establishes a broad cooperation with local marketing resources, which makes local products operations more secure.


Team advantages

• Lemon Game’s team has rich experience in operating and managing game products, exploring new markets and international markets capability;

• All the staff of Lemon Game publishing business team are from well-known Internet gaming company, and they have many years’ business experience in specific game as well as outstanding capabilities of marketing business. 

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