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Recharge Guide

1.Enter the Homepage of official site, and log in
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2.Click “Recharge” to enter the recharge and exchange page
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3.This page displays your ID and Leco balance
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When your Leco balance is 0, you cannot purchase money of the game.
In this case, you need to recharge Leco first. So click the button “Recharge Leco” to recharge.
4.After clicking “Recharge Leco”, the page will display as below:
1)    The defaulted recharge currency is set as US dollar in the system, but you can select other currencies according to your real situation.  
说明: C:\Users\xukun\AppData\Roaming\Tencent\Users\562148093\QQ\WinTemp\RichOle\4TQZHKD6HAG5B[5DU~$X]_U.jpg
2)    After selecting currency, you need to choose the payment method.
说明: C:\Users\xukun\AppData\Roaming\Tencent\Users\562148093\QQ\WinTemp\RichOle\)ZDKNTLN32A[`LGO_GL$Z@W.jpg
Click one of the recharge channels that are circled, like PayPal, and the page will display the recharge amount for you to select.
3)    Select the amount that you want to recharge for Leco
说明: C:\Users\xukun\AppData\Roaming\Tencent\Users\562148093\QQ\WinTemp\RichOle\UQ35HQ~3I8FNTOK8G`(KA03.jpg
Click “Submit” to go to the relevant recharge channel page.
4)    After finishing recharging in this page, click the button “Payment Success”.

5)    If the recharge succeeds, the page will pop up the following window.

The steps above show you how to recharge Leco.
5.Click “Game Recharge” to purchase currencies for games.
1)  Select the game and server that you want to recharge:
说明: C:\Users\xukun\AppData\Roaming\Tencent\Users\562148093\QQ\WinTemp\RichOle\6DWAQ3UD@QR~9ET%0%DVX%K.jpg
2)  The page will be automatically redirected to the game recharge page:
说明: C:\Users\xukun\AppData\Roaming\Tencent\Users\562148093\QQ\WinTemp\RichOle\P7)K5]1ICDM1$S7N_P0]5VU.jpg
By clicking the button “Change” that next to the server name, you can reselect the game and server.
Select the game currency pack that you want to recharge, and click “Submit” to complete your purchasing.
3)  A new window will pop up to show you the exchange status:

Click “Play Game” to start your game journey. 
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