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Update New Version of City of Steam at 12/3

Dear gamers:

We will update the version on March 12 08.00-10.00 WIB. The updated version is 2.4.
Content update:
  • VIP button will increase suspension tips of Non-VIP
  • New daily registration system
  • New guild warfare systems (some features)
  • New cargo delivery systems (some features)
  • New task mission objectives
  • Add display name of the top rank players
  • Add prestige last-day rankings broadcast
  • Add buff effect of Death-match kill
  • Add a world leader shilling reward different levels of configuration
  • New explicit and implicit button of rewards events icon
  • Add new VIP daily prize
  • Create a new team a copy of the system
  • Add new service operational activities & new service sprint goal
  • Optimization Log-in game to create role
  • New copy elite for level 50-60

    Enjoy the game and thank you very much!
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